HD Widgets

Widgets are one of the most popular features exclusively available on Android, allowing users to add custom controls and information to their home screens.

HD Widgets managed to be ranked the #1 paid app in the Android Market in 2011 — for a day — and remained in the top 20 from 2011 - 2014. Our app earned over 2M with a 4.5 star rating. It was frequently featured as Play Store Editor’s Choice and earned the Top Developer badge.


The app

HD Widgets provided hundreds of widgets with customization for typefaces, clocks, colors, icons, and other features. It spun off three widget packs and an icon pack.

My role

As co-founder, I was responsible for all design including UX development, branding and logo, play store materials, press releases, website, onboarding, and the user guide. I conducted UX research through direct customer feedback and moderated the beta user group.

I was product manager and strategist, leading a small team of developers through three major updates.

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