09 Apr '15

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Material Design Cast Icons for the Android Toolbar

[Update: looks like the newest Cast Companion Library uses the new icon now, so just upgrade. If you don’t want to update, then you can still use my technique.]

Very happy to make these available: here’s new 24dp Material … Read More

15 Mar '14

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Imagine: first five minutes of an Oculus Rift / Tango adventure

Tango is running and synced to your Oculus Rift. You put your head gear on.

Everything on the screens is foggy. Shapes are slowly coming into focus…

Voices start to drift in: “This is madness! There’s no way this is … Read More

19 Dec '13


How to use the “hidden” Booth Out volume knob on the new Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2

Turns out Native Instrument’s new Kontrol S4 MK2 has a hidden gem in the new update: Booth Out!

According to the new User Manual, on the back of the S4 MK2 are RCAs for Main Out and 1/4 for Booth … Read More

17 Nov '13


Digital DJing: Traktor cue points – example mix

Last summer, I shared my method for using Traktor cue points. This time I’m going to show a real-world example of this method by going over the cue points I used in my recent mix, The Titan Festival.

The mix … Read More

27 Sep '13

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New DJ Mix: The Titan Festival

I had this idea floating around from when I was doing the Tronic & Treena stuff for the bay area rave scene.

Within the next 1000 years we will have colonies on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Due to … Read More