Material Design Cast Icons for the Android Toolbar

material cast icon in toolbar

[Update: looks like the newest Cast Companion Library uses the new icon now, so just upgrade. If you don’t want to update, then you can still use my technique.]

Very happy to make these available: here’s new 24dp Material Design style icons for Google Cast / Chromecast that you can start using today in your Android toolbar. The pack includes the original Material Cast Icon resources currently available through Google’s Developer Resources.

It’s super simple. There’s 3 parts you need to copy to your resources:

  1. add animation files to res/anim/
  2. add the Holo icon files to res/drawable/
  3. add the resolution files to their respective folders

Just download the zip file, add files to the right folders, and compile!

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Imagine: first five minutes of an Oculus Rift / Tango adventure

Tango is running and synced to your Oculus Rift. You put your head gear on.

Everything on the screens is foggy. Shapes are slowly coming into focus…

Voices start to drift in: “This is madness! There’s no way this is going to work! You had no right. I totally… Wait! Hold up! I’m getting something. The video feed. I see something. Shut up, all of you. Hello!? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?”

Still looking around. you start seeing… the room. The walls are metal, there’s storage crates… You’re sitting on one.

“Hello? Can you hear me? Say something!”

Still looking around. Can’t see much, looks like maybe a storage room.

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How to use the “hidden” Booth Out volume knob on the new Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2

Turns out Native Instrument’s new Kontrol S4 MK2 has a hidden gem in the new update: Booth Out!

According to the new User Manual, on the back of the S4 MK2 are RCAs for Main Out and 1/4 for Booth Out. There’s a recessed Booth Volume knob next to the 1/4 outputs. Next to that knob is a switch for Booth / Main. If set to MAIN the 1/4 outputs will output same as RCA. If the switch is set to BOOTH, the 1/4 output volume only uses the back Booth Volume knob and is independent from the Main Volume knob.

Since most pros don’t fiddle with main out volume, the easy work-around is to swap roles and use 1/4 for main out and RCA for booth. You can set a good main-out level using the back knob, and use the convenient main volume knob for your booth.