Radley Marx


I’ve been a designer/developer hybrid for over 20 years.

I created a #1 paid app for Android and founded two start-ups. I’ve learned how to balance team dynamics and expectations while leading products from concept to delivery.

My design philosophy is a mix of Enchantment, Don't Make Me Think, Apple design guidelines, and "What's your latest hit, brother?"

I love DJing and have a small addiction to design books.


I'm a Y Combinator founder, I've created a #1 app on Google Play, and I'm a life-long Adobe Creative Cloud user.

As a founder, I've worn multiple hats including product vision / strategy, product management, marketing, web & mobile development, and customer support.

I'm more UX than U (my early design style was pretty far out). My influences include Steve Krug's Don’t Make me Think, Guy Kawasaki's Enchantment, Kenya Hara's White, and early MacOS user experience guidelines.

When I’m not working, I enjoy DJing, going on adventures, and reading sci-fi and self-development books. For inspiration, I have a treasure trove of design and art books.

I'm currently available for projects. Here's my resume (PDF).

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