design libraries

For the last few years, I've been building Figma design and component libraries
 for an agency and its clients.

I've mostly worked on 0 → 1 design libraries, creating tools and settings to support design through the early stages. This includes block components for narrative structure, flexible libraries for concepting, and final component libraries for delivery.

technical design

Technical design is product design, using code.

Technical design is a few roles. The first is prototyping designs to determine if they will actually work. Second would be optimizing designs so designers and developers are in sync using the simplest solutions. The last is hands-on production for various interactive platforms. This can range from writing UI code as part of a development team or building an entire product for something smaller.

native apps

Yes, I really made a #1 Android app.

During my Android years, I designed and built the interfaces for a few award-winning apps. HD Widgets was my company's biggest success and was the #1 paid app for a day. It remained one of the top 20 paid apps for years.

I'm now working on a new app.


My career has had a few phases. Most portfolio advice says to discard the old stuff. But I like to show it off because it's fun and I'm happy that I actually got to do this stuff.

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