Design systems

For the last five years, I've built and managed Figma design libraries for agencies, startups, and enterprise.

I create and organize tools and documentation to streamline design and development, establishing a foundation for everything that follows. This includes support libraries for narrative structure, wireframes, concepts, and other tangents.

" Radley is an incredibly rare and brilliant team member. Across any digital project, he helps bring teams together through the creation of systemic design.

I love working with Radley - and will look for every opportunity to continue to do so in the future. "

 David Mayer

Director of Creative Technology at First Person

Native apps

I'm an indie app designer / developer.

For six years, I designed and built the UI for award-winning Android apps. My best success, HD Widgets, ranked #1 in paid apps and remained in the top 20 for years.

I'm currently working on a new app.

Technical design

Technical design = product design + code.

Technical design varies. One part is prototyping designs to determine if they will actually work. The other is hands-on development for interactive platforms. This can range from writing UI code as part of a development team or building simple interactive experiences.


My career has had a few phases. Most portfolio advice says to discard the old stuff, but I like to show it off keep it here because it's fun and I'm very happy that I got to make it.

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