App Stats

App Stats started as an internal tool to keep track of our apps, providing essential insights such as Play Store update notifications and major changes in rankings and ratings. It made it just as easy to track our competitors' metrics as well.

The app remained in public beta, but it did become an unofficial support tool and inspiration for Google staff managers and developers.


My Role

I was a co-founder, responsible for all design including UX development, branding and logo, play store materials, press releases, website, onboarding, and the user guide. I conducted UX research through direct customer feedback and moderated the beta group.

Selected works

Omnicell: FigmaDesign library

Obvious: MVPApp design

Obvious: WireframesWireframe design

OmnicellDesign library & interactive development

Starsky RoboticsUX R&D for autonomous trucking

Disney Movies AnywhereAndroid Design & Development

Star Wars APIAndroid Exercise

Fitness goals appDesign Exercise

DayframeAndroid App

HD WidgetsAndroid App

App StatsAndroid App

CloudskipperAndroid App

Flash / FlexCool stuff

Elemental DesignRave flyers