Android Design & Development

Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Movies Anywhere launched in 2014 as an app that allows users to link Disney films purchased on iTunes Store and other digital services into a unified library.

My team was brought on board to integrate Chromecast into the upcoming Android app. We continued to work on features for two years including the movie player, conversion to Material Design, and expansion to Android TV and Amazon Fire.

My role

Senior Android Developer / Product Designer

  • Development for Android devices, Chromecast, Android TV, and Amazon Fire devices
  • Conveying Android design standards to stakeholders
  • Designing and implementing Android standards
  • Training and mentoring designers


  • Chromecast client and receiver
  • Video player and accessibility features
  • App styles and design system
  • Material Design update
  • Animations & transitions
  • Movies Anywhere prototype

Design Story

Dawn of Material Design

Google introduced Material Design at Google IO in 2014. It was a much-needed update that has defined the look and feel of the platform ever since.


Google IO - Material Design samples


DMA for iOS vs DMA for Android

“Second class” design

The members of the product and design teams were all iPhone users, so they didn’t know about Material Design. Worse, they were unaware that Android users were getting more and more frustrated about being treated as “second class citizens” due to cheap iOS carry-overs.

The DMA for Android design was essentially a “second class” design — a copy of the iOS app, which itself was based on old iOS 6*.

* iOS 6 was the end of the older iOS Skeumorphic era. The modern, flat iOS redesign started with iOS 7 in 2014.

Material Design goes live

Two things happened in October 2014 to add pressure: the Play Store received a massive Material Design update and Google released the Lollipop SDK with Material Design features.

DMA for Android was scheduled to launch in November using an outdated design that risked heavy criticism from the Android community.


Play Store design update - October, 2014

My impact

As soon as the new SDK was released, I spent two weeks updating the app to use the new SDK and Material Design as a proof of concept.

My version caused some intense last-minute debates with the product teams and stakeholders, but ultimately we implemented my redesign and used it in the DMA for Android launch.

“The app does feel purely native to Android, using Google’s design language throughout — it doesn’t feel at all like a quick and dirty port of the iOS app.”

- The Verge

“The Android app is bright, bold, and very close to the new Material Design guidelines… in line with Google's vision.”

- Android Central

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