Cloudskipper was a popular music player known for its elegantly simple, swipe-based interface. It was awarded Editor's Choice and often featured on the home screen of the Android Market.


My Role

I was a co-founder, responsible for all design including UX development, branding and logo, play store materials, press releases, and website. I conducted UX research through direct customer feedback and by moderating the Google+ beta group.

I was also product manager and strategist, leading a small team of developers through one and a half updates.

Selected works

Omnicell: FigmaDesign library

Obvious: MVPApp design

Obvious: WireframesWireframe design

OmnicellDesign library & interactive development

Starsky RoboticsUX R&D for autonomous trucking

Disney Movies AnywhereAndroid Design & Development

Star Wars APIAndroid Exercise

Fitness goals appDesign Exercise

DayframeAndroid App

HD WidgetsAndroid App

App StatsAndroid App

CloudskipperAndroid App

Flash / FlexCool stuff

Elemental DesignRave flyers