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Cloudskipper gets better album art and a crazy week for HD Widgets

December 23, 2011
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First off, we're really happy to push out an update for Cloudskipper. This one focused on improving album artwork throughout the app. We're now pulling direct from each mp3 as it's played (as we should). On some devices, the differences will be very apparent (the image above shows the before and after for a Droid 2). The album art may be a little slower but this way it's always fresh!

This last week was crazy for HD Widgets. We took part in Google's 10 Billion promotion and the results far exceeded our expectations. We thought we'd see a big bump in users, maybe 20k-30k. Instead, we had 150k downloads in a single day!  Our app hit the #1 spot on the Paid Apps lists on Monday and now we're settling down among the top 20 apps. From launch to top 20 in 5 weeks - yeah, crazy. Big thanks to everyone =)

HD Widgets also got a few updates yesterday. The big one was custom hot spots - you can now pick what app is launched when you click the clock and date. Weather and forecasts will continue to launch the big weather activity screen. And finally any of the hotspots can now be turned off. Also, we added about a dozen new Galaxy Note sized widgets and fixed some time-related issues.

What's next? We're going to take care of the basics in small steps for now, and save big updates for big releases. Next for Cloudskipper is better library navigation, including Folders, Podcasts, Genres, and Options Menu shortcuts. For HD Widgets we're working on new switches and switch groups, as well as some new widgets (4x1 header, 2x1 clock).

That's it.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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