Omnicell: Sketch library

Over an eight-month period, I was part of the team at First Person that managed the rebranding and renewed vision for Omnicell, a world-class robotics company pioneering autonomous pharmacy.


My Role

Senior Product Designer


Swift, Anima, Plant, Zeplin, Intuiface


  • Design library & components

  • Developer documentation & handoffs

  • Interactive kiosk design & development

  • Responsive website design


Design systems

Sketch library management

The existing Sketch library did not utilize styles nor overrides, so I rebuilt it from scratch using a semi-atomic structure. The library included:

  • Reference: styles, grids, navigation, and component sheets

  • Components: component and layout blocks

  • System: internal components, styles, and assets

I used Plant to sync production files with the team and Zeplin for developer handoffs.


Selected works

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Omnicell (2019)Sketch design & component library

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