September 5, 2021No Comments

Sunday Sundowns+ // Summer 2021

Last May, I officially joined The Ambient Mafia, so I've been keeping pretty busy on Sundays this year playing for Sunday Sundowns. I'll usually start with a couple of hours of relaxed melodic and organic house in my own stream and finish with an hour of chill for Sunday Sundowns. The music is great to throw on in the background while you work. Please enjoy 😅

I was also invited to play for the Friends & Family Virtual Campout in June and Unison 8 in July. Unfortunately, I can't find any recordings of those shows :(

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April 12, 2021No Comments

Raw Mixes ’21 // Spring Sesh

This was my follow-up to my Winter Sesh mix. The tone this time is more positive and energetic, reflecting both the natural spring vibe, but also optimism as we're nearing the end of the COVID pandemic. It's almost all melodic house tracks.

As for production, this was the first time using a dual-projection setup. It added a lot of color to the video and did a pretty good job downplaying my room studio. I think Whiskey & Nimbus both drop in for a visit towards the end. This was also the first time using my custom Now Playing titles that only show up for a few seconds.

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February 23, 20211 Comment

Raw Mixes ’21 // Winter Sesh

This was my winter livestream on Twitch. The tracks are mostly progressive & melodic house, along with some organic house and indie dance / techno crossovers.

I was going for a chill, Sunday afternoon winter vibe. I figured the end of February was a good time to use winter imagery rather than in the middle of the (cold) season. It was also my first time using the Now Playing app which allowed me to display the currently playing track in the stream.

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July 20, 2020No Comments

A Garden Party // July 2020

A simple, lush, sunset garden set

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June 8, 2020No Comments

Mix d’Été

My live mix set played Sunday June 7. It's mostly melodic house with some experimental and deeper cuts at the start and in the middle.

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