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Raw Mixes ’21 // Spring Sesh

April 12, 2021
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This was my follow-up to my Winter Sesh mix. The tone this time is more positive and energetic, reflecting both the natural spring vibe, but also optimism as we're nearing the end of the COVID pandemic. It's almost all melodic house tracks.

As for production, this was the first time using a dual-projection setup. It added a lot of color to the video and did a pretty good job downplaying my room studio. I think Whiskey & Nimbus both drop in for a visit towards the end. This was also the first time using my custom Now Playing titles that only show up for a few seconds.


  1. Jones Meadow - Frost (Hosini Remix)
  2. Hermanez - Heavens of Seven
  3. Double Touch, Bross (RO) - Cielo (Fulltone Remix)
  4. Gorje Hewek - Actrice
  5. Double Touch, M.O.S. - Ascending
  6. Jim Rider - Fools
  7. Maxi Degrassi - About Energies
  8. Lee Burridge - Diving Bell
  9. Death on the Balcony - Up Side Down
  10. Emotional Tourist - Alfama
  11. Volen Sentir - Na Dvore Dozhd'
  12. NuKreative, Dee Montero - Athena (Vocal Mix)
  13. Luka Sambe - Michelin
  14. AlbePt - Late Love
  15. Makebo - You
  16. Sebastien Leger - Tristesse
  17. Greg Ochman - Flowers In Bloom
  18. Greg Ochman - Parallel Time
  19. Hauy - Your Way To Paradise
  20. Hermanez, Lost Desert, Volen Sentir - Jinx (Volen Sentir Pure Magic Healing)
  21. Double Touch - El Choclo
  22. Chicola - La Ninã Del Mãr
  23. Sebastien Leger - Stevie
  24. Greg Ochman - Delylah
  25. Gorje Hewek - Forest Song in the Night
  26. Cornucopia - Dragons in Paradise
  27. Luka Sambe - Constellation
  28. Rodriguez Jr. - Nairobi
  29. Damian Lazarus, Moullinex, Sara Tavares - Minina di Céu (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape)
  30. Luttrell - Ex Nihilo
  31. Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic - Triumph (Of Norway Version)
  32. Filippo Nardini, Aldebaran - Across The Sun feat. Filippo Nardini


Pixabay artists: 104paul, adege, Ambient_Nature_Atmosphere, anncapictures, Avia5, BenjaminNelan, caelan, ChristianBodhi, consoletk, danydory, DeanMarston, DerNaut, dlabiebrzy, dmclausen, Elenlackner, federicomaderno, fififum, floriansmc, Gerhard_Romero, infoeduc8r, InspiredImages, jLasWilson, june88, JustYøu, juwelfahim69, kieutruongphoto, KIMDAEJEUNG, klimkin, Lernestorod, Life-Of-Vids, Lolame, luisvallejo, MabelAmber, Matthias_Groeneveld, mdherren, MilanWulf, MingSkyTeam, MixailMixail, moshehar, Nawalescape, NickyPe, Nightwolfone, Not_online_anymore, olenailinska, padrinan, paule00070, PetrGanaj, PixLord, Piyapong89, powerp540, RoyBuri, satynek, scientipix, TheMarcKnight, TRAPHITHO, upstreamcity, Vimeo-Free-Videos, wastedgeneration, Zenbunny


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