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Raw Mixes ’21 // Winter Sesh

February 23, 2021

This was my winter livestream on Twitch. The tracks are mostly progressive & melodic house, along with some organic house and indie dance / techno crossovers.

I was going for a chill, Sunday afternoon winter vibe. I figured the end of February was a good time to use winter imagery rather than in the middle of the (cold) season. It was also my first time using the Now Playing app which allowed me to display the currently playing track in the stream.


  1. Monarke - Edge of Reality
  2. Edu Schwartz, AWKA, Awka, Edu Schwartz - No Way to Lose (Slow Hearts Remix)
  3. GIGEE - Lullaby
  4. Mass Digital - Asase
  5. Lee Burridge, Lost Desert - Welch
  6. about : river - Silver Dusk (Volen Sentir Retouch)
  7. Simon Vuarambon - Toscana
  8. John Cosani, Marcelo Vasami - Modern Boxes
  9. Roy Rosenfeld - Drop of Wisdom
  10. Nico Szabo - Flos
  11. Luka Sambe - Dhaka
  12. Luttrell - Universal Theory
  13. Seth Schwarz, Hicky & Kalo - Un Rêve Étrange
  14. Tantum - Vor Augen (Chicola Mamba Out Remix)
  15. Luka Sambe - Frolic
  16. Sebastien Leger - Fibulae
  17. Filtergeist - Chance
  18. Budakid - Aku Aku
  19. Bona Fide, M.O.S. - Dance With Me
  20. Sebastien Leger - Stevie
  21. Oliver Lieb - Tarsius (Roy Rosenfeld Remix)
  22. Robert Mason, Amber Long - Aquatica (Jamie Stevens Bonus Instrumental Mix)
  23. Sebastien Leger - Giza (Extended)
  24. Nandu - February Silver Lining
  25. Bodaishin - Bosques De Los Cedros De Dios
  26. Double Touch, Bross (RO) - Cielo
  27. Micah The Violinist, Double Touch - Aranjuez
  28. Lee Burridge - A Hymn for Your Dreams
  29. Nebula (AR) - Candomble
  30. Gorje Hewek - Der Geist Seiner Zeit
  31. Padre, OE - Soul Pilot
  32. LØC, Gabrielle Pollina - Table Mountain (Emotional Tourist Remix)
  33. Dominik Eulberg - Siebenschläfer (Robag Wruhme Remix)
  34. Quatri (FR) - Fjara (Sam Goku Remix)
  35. Sam Goku - Nocturnal Mating Dance of the Fireflies
  36. Tunnelvisions - Tell Me When We're There
  37. Sebastien Leger - Firefly
  38. Roy Rosenfeld - Otro


Pixabay: adege, AlexKopeykin, AnonymAT, cwiela, claus_cio, danydory, extemporalist, glorydays2012pro, gorokhov_yura, Guyjass, Hans, hojene, HomeAdrift, invisiblepower, Istifada, jLasWilson, JoshuaWoroniecki, kiliankienast, KIMDAEJEUNG. koshkosh91, Lionheart84, lolorun, luc_toutsimplement, Matthias_Groeneveld, mdherren, MilanWulf, Neugiernase, norbert47, paulmaunders, RoyBuri, sacharine, TRAPHITHO, ValentinNadrag, WestNL, xat-ch

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