February 23, 20211 Comment

Raw Mixes ’21 // Winter Sesh

This was my winter livestream on Twitch. The tracks are mostly progressive & melodic house, along with some organic house and indie dance / techno crossovers.

I was going for a chill, Sunday afternoon winter vibe. I figured the end of February was a good time to use winter imagery rather than in the middle of the (cold) season. It was also my first time using the Now Playing app which allowed me to display the currently playing track in the stream.

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April 7, 2020No Comments

Raw Mixes // Apr ’20: Progressive House

This is a 3+ hour, Sunday afternoon live stream I did at the beginning of April.

Artists include Luttrell, Ben Bohmer, Sam Goku, Rodriguez Jr., Guy J, Sebastien Leger, Tim Green, Sebastian Mullaert, and many others.

A raw mix is an unplanned mix set, usually with all new tracks I've never played before. It's raw and real, which is why the first few transitions might sound meh. But once I get warmed up, I can deep dive into the more interesting tracks I've discovered and end up with a 3 to 8-hour marathon session covering multiple genres and tempos.

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