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Rave history: 20 year old, first Skills event flyers available in San Francisco

I designed rave flyers back in the day using the alias Elemental. I kept a small stack of almost everything I made, figuring I’d do something interesting with them in the future. Well the future is now, so I’ve figured out a simple way to share some history: I’m releasing original rave flyers on the anniversary of their event, starting with Skills #1.


The very first Skills party was March 21, 1998. The packed wall-to-wall event took place in the basement of Maritime Hall in San Francisco and included Tom Slik, Happy Kid Marty, Dyloot, Trent, Greg Sandler, J-Bot, Thomas Trouble, Vertigo, Mars, Mystre, and Congo, along with "free water & candy & fruit & toys”.

There’s a small stack of these original Skills flyers at Vinyl Dreams in San Francisco.

Feel free to grab one. Enjoy!

January 21, 2018No Comments

Illustration 2018

平泉 康児, 2018

Illustration 2018 features 150 illustrators from all over Japan, showing off what they’re doing right now. Just tune out and let the images overwhelm you with all of the talent, color, lines, contrast, and imagination.


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Asian Typography

Sandu Publishing, 2017

A fascinating look at how designers in Asia stylize their pictographic languages for various markets. It’s a outside look at type design without interference of actual (Latin-based) words, experiencing something between letters and iconography. For me, it’s fun to flip through the images, decipher the shapes and meanings, and imagine how they might influence our world of font and icon design.


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The Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo, 2017


If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, there’s now a manga version available. Just as charming as the nonfiction, the book stars Marie Kondo as Konmari, a young woman hired by Chiaki to help tidy her small apartment. With it Chiaki gets a life lesson in letting go, reorganizing, and finding joy.

The Manga is quite clever and benefits from being shorter and visual. I’ve used the book to help clear out clutter for me and it will be a special, life-long reference manual.


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March 22, 2017No Comments

Sample DJ mix: Cerebella mixed in MixMeister Studio

I recently released a new DJ mix, Cerebella. Instead of spending hours doing stand-and-record sessions, I successfully used an old DJ app called MixMeister Studio.

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March 15, 20171 Comment


My first official DJ mix in almost a year, I'm very happy to present Cerebella.

I tried to build around a theme of complex music forms and sounds. It's a bit of deep house, progressive techno, and indie techno in a very geeky, cerebral mix with some Latin flavor. Many of these tracks are brilliant but very difficult to mix and often complex, so they probably didn't show up on many dance floors. That's probably why they are some of my favorites of the past year and I felt they could use some attention and appreciation :)

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