January 13, 2021No Comments

Activity Journal wireframes: round two

I recently completed my second round of wireframes for my Activity Journal app.

In the first round, the goal was to take the layout of my Mac prototype and translate it to the iPhone and iPad. This time, I had to expand my scope and resolve everything I could figure out with wireframes so I could move on to high-fidelity designs.

The biggest difference this time was how to organize entries. This organization would determine my layout components and data models. I also had to be able to explain how my new timers work, along with other user settings I needed for an MVP. Finally, I needed to layout mundane stuff like signing up, editing entries, and error states.

Let’s take a look.


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January 8, 2021No Comments

Activity Journal – wireframe prototypes

I’ve been having a lot of fun building interactive prototypes to resolve workflows in my Activity Journal. Two of my prototypes are guided walkthroughs of the Timer and Journal sections. The third is a heavily-wired simulation of cycling through a set of work sessions and breaks using a working (but truncated) Pomodoro timer.


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January 4, 2021No Comments

NYE 2021 // Live AV Mixes

I performed a couple of AV livestreams with some friends for NYE 2021. The visuals came out pretty well and the mixes are unusually short for me (less than an hour each).

Twitch seemed to be overwhelmed that evening because my usual 6k streams would stutter. I had to drop the bitrate down to 4.5k to make everything play uninterrupted, so the visual quality is a little rougher than usual.

Nevertheless, I had a great time putting these together. I hope you enjoy them!

December 27, 2020No Comments

DJ Tips: how to set up a Twitch livestream for DJing

This is a quick rundown of how to set up a Twitch livestream for DJing. There's a lot of steps, but they're all quick because most of them are simply checking boxes.

It takes ~5 minutes to do everything, but I strongly recommended doing your first set-up at least a few days before your first public broadcast. This gives you time to solve bugs and pick up anything you need (cables, sound capture device, camera).

Let's jump in!


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October 23, 20201 Comment

DJ Tips: best recording settings in Traktor Pro for mixing mp3s

Traktor Pro is designed for DJs playing high-quality audio formats like AIFF and WAV. So what happens when the rest of us want to mix the 320k mp3s we buy on Beatport? It turns out, Traktor handles mixing — and recording — mp3s just fine as long as you use the right settings.

These are the recording settings I've used for years. They're easy to set-up and leave alone.


My recording settings
  1. Set Main output level to -1.0 dB
  2. Set Audio Recorder Gain level to -3.0 dB
  3. Make sure Limiter is not enabled and Headroom is set to None

Next, I'll explain why I use each of these settings.


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October 22, 2020No Comments

Activity Journal: wireframes for iOS, iPad, & macOS

My Activity Journal app is coming along, albeit slowly. There have been some significant changes behind the scenes which have required some ramp up before I could move forward.

This post is mostly a progress report to talk about changes I made a while ago to the Mac app prototype and to show some initial wireframes for iOS, iPad, and macOS. I also have a Figma prototype I put together to show how the timer screen would work on iPhones.

Let's dig in!

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