Rave history: 20 year old, first Skills event flyers available in San Francisco

March 23, 2018
1 min read

I designed rave flyers back in the day using the alias Elemental. I kept a small stack of almost everything I made, figuring I’d do something interesting with them in the future. Well the future is now, so I’ve figured out a simple way to share some history: I’m releasing original rave flyers on the anniversary of their event, starting with Skills #1.


The very first Skills party was March 21, 1998. The packed wall-to-wall event took place in the basement of Maritime Hall in San Francisco and included Tom Slik, Happy Kid Marty, Dyloot, Trent, Greg Sandler, J-Bot, Thomas Trouble, Vertigo, Mars, Mystre, and Congo, along with "free water & candy & fruit & toys”.

There’s a small stack of these original Skills flyers at Vinyl Dreams in San Francisco.

Feel free to grab one. Enjoy!


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