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New theme packs and community for HD Widgets 4, including FREE Kairo and Colourform widget packs

May 15, 2014
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This is a big day for us. We've very happy to declare that HD Widgets 4 is now available to everyone. Now that the rollout is complete, we're moving full throttle with our big news: new theme packs!

Today we're releasing Kairo, a new theme with a ton of fresh new widgets. We're also excited to announce FREE versions of our theme packs. Last, but not least, we've created a new G+ Community for HD Widgets to share designs and ideas.

FREE themes packs? Yes!

Are they just sampler packs? No!

We're basically going to try a free / expanded pack approach to theme packs.

Free packs will have the fundamentals: plenty of widgets in all the popular sizes for most the most common uses. They'll have lots of features but won't be too advanced or overwhelming for casual users. People still have to buy HD Widgets to use them, but now they won't have to pay each time we do an major widget redesign.

Expanded packs (XP) will have everything in the free versions plus more: more widgets, more features, and more creative control over more details. It also gives us a way to provide for advanced users and unique use cases without bloating the basics. Want us to make a particular size widget with particular features? We can do it... in the expanded pack.

What does that mean for today? It means Kairo and Colourform now have FREE and XP theme packs.

Let's take a look.



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