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Introducing Dayframe 2.0 w/ Chromecast Photos and Slideshow

February 6, 2014
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We're very happy to introduce Dayframe 2.0, featuring our new interactive Chromecast photo slideshow.

We wanted to make something you could touch and feel. so it's not just play and sit back - it's interactive! You can control what's playing on Chromecast by swiping forwards and backwards, zoom to fit or fill, pause, shuffle, and even like photos.


What happened to Dayframe? Is it discontinued? What a shame if that is the case. It’s just what I was looking for.
Hello? Anyone there?..?..
Where did all that Dayframe work go?
I don’t think Dayframe meets the minimum sdk required for the Play Store now. We stopped working on it around 5 years ago when Facebook removed APIs for Facebook and Instagram pictures, followed by Google disabling auto-launch in Android.
We let Dayframe stay in the Play Store as long as we could. I left the company 2 years ago, but I continued to use the app in my home until last summer.

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