We're very happy to announce the release of HD Widgets 4.1 along with our new FREE Color Weather Icons pack, both now available in the Play Store.

This is mostly a big maintenance release with a nice bonus: six new weather icon sets you can use for free in HD Widgets. We've opened up all widgets to be able to use any icon. We also added a shortcut to change the icon in the weather screen: just long press the big weather icon to get the list. What else? We've improved the landscape weather screens for tablets, so most of the important details are now visible above the fold.

We think we took care of all of the battery & bandwidth problems. There was excessive background reporting going on for developer exceptions. We've also reduced the frequent updates to the notification widgets when your device is off. We wanted to post a fix for these earlier, but...

Disappearing widgets? Again, very sorry but Google put us in quite a bind. The short answer for why they disappear is a Play Store DRM bug. We've been holding off on updates until a fix can be provided, and one is now available with the most recent Play Store app update (v4.9.13). It's rolling out very slowly, so most of you won't have it yet.

So why didn't we wait until everyone had the update? Again, Google. They made a policy change for analytics services. Apps using those services (like ours) have to update by Aug 1st else get removed from the Play Store. Our analytics service didn't tell us about this until July 9th, so not entirely Google's fault.

Finally, the last bit of bad news: we had to remove WeatherBug. They're shutting down the API this summer and the new one takes 5x as many calls to do the same thing as before (if you look at the link, each of those is a separate API call now). The main issue is that their price is based on the number of calls, so WeatherBug is now 5x more expensive than other services. If/when they consolidate their API calls, we'll be able to use them again. But for a one time paid app with no ads, it's not for us. In the meantime, we've added Open Weather Maps as a new service. Sorry WeatherBug fans =(

HD Widgets 4 has been a really tough update for everyone. Hopefully we'll be able to start posting frequent updates and fixes very soon. Thanks for your continued support.

We'll sign off with a little hot summer funk...