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How to use the “hidden” Booth Out volume knob on the new Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2

December 19, 2013
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Turns out Native Instrument's new Kontrol S4 MK2 has a hidden gem in the new update: Booth Out!

According to the new User Manual, on the back of the S4 MK2 are RCAs for Main Out and 1/4 for Booth Out. There's a recessed Booth Volume knob next to the 1/4 outputs. Next to that knob is a switch for Booth / Main. If set to MAIN the 1/4 outputs will output same as RCA. If the switch is set to BOOTH, the 1/4 output volume only uses the back Booth Volume knob and is independent from the Main Volume knob.

Since most pros don't fiddle with main out volume, the easy work-around is to swap roles and use 1/4 for main out and RCA for booth. You can set a good main-out level using the back knob, and use the convenient main volume knob for your booth.

Hi Radley – I have the original S4 and my problem is that the levels are way lower than the CDJ level outputs when I take my rig to a club. It’s so bad, that I’m afraid to take my S4 outside of my house again. This issue happens even if I have the levels pushed into the red inside Traktor. Any suggestions?
Check your Traktor settings to make sure it’s not limiting / compressing your output (I think the default is -9db w/ compression). I believe the S4 MK2 fixed that by boosting output volume by 6db (over the original MK1).
Finally, check ahead with the sounds guys – they often do stuff with mixer levels to cap DJs from going to loud. DJs tend to get louder and louder during a set, and volumes / EQs are often maxed out at the end. See if that’s happening and if there’s a way to plan for it.
Matty Allen
Is it possible to play 2 sets of external speakers then, One through RCA and one through the booth? Meaning they will both be playing at the same time?

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