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I fixed the file names for Google’s ICS Android Design Icons (free download)

March 28, 2012
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(Update 9/2012) Good news! They're fixed! You don't need my pack anymore =)

Google recently introduced the Android Design site for 4.0 / ICS offering tips and resources for making apps that look and feel like native Google apps. One big benefit is that you can download design resources including stencils, vector art, and icons to make it faster and easier to create stuff.


Great site! Thanks for the articles – very helpful.
[…] ADK tools folder and now all is “workie”.  While you are at that blog, here’s another good article and a reminder to check out the Google Android Design Resources site. Totally forgot about it […]
Thanks for these. Designing for Android can be a pain, its still difficult to get hold of obscure icons. Thanks for the resources link too!

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