Audio for portions of these recordings may have been muted due to copyright concerns.

Kaleidoscope & Sunday Sundowns • Nov 17, 2023
Melodic house (123 bpm), organic downtempo (105 bpm)

Kaleidoscope & Sunday Sundowns • Nov 12, 2023
Melodic house (122 bpm), followed by chill and organic ultra-lowtempo (65-85 bpm)

Just getting back in the groove. The last hour of melodic is rich and deep. The chill out set started almost ambient and worked its way up into organic lowtempo.

Slow Rave • Nov 3, 2023
Slow rave & organic downtempo (110 bpm)

Warm-up set for a private party that night. Visuals only.

Kaleidoscope • Oct 29, 2023
Deep house (123 bpm)

This mix was also Keinemusik inspired. I was feeling somber, but the tracks still had energy.

Kaleidoscope & Sunday Sundowns • Oct 15, 2023
Melodic house (122 bpm) followed by ambient trance & techno (118 – 122 bpm)

Mostly just having fun. We had a new guest DJ (WithMatt) on Sunday Sundowns. He also plays organic downtempo, so I opted for contrast.

Kaleidoscope • Oct 8, 2023
Deep, afro, and organic house (123 bpm)

 I was feeling very much Keinemusik inspired, so I tried to dance in and around their sound.

Sunday Sundowns • Oct 1, 2023
Organic downtempo & slow rave (105 bpm)

My typical downtempo set. I dropped a few classics that I've had for a while and love, but never got around to playing.

Kaleidoscope & Sunday Sundowns • Sep 24, 2023
Melodic, deep, and psychedelic house (122 bpm), followed by organic lowtempo (90 bpm)

Kaleidoscope • Sep 17, 2023
Melodic house (122 bpm)

Light and happy with lots of recent hits.

Kaleidoscope • Sep 10, 2023
Melodic and progressive house, with bits of deep and organic house (123 bpm)

Kaleidoscope & Sunday Sundowns • Sep 3, 2023
Melodic house (123 bpm), followed by organic downtempo (105 bpm)

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