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DJ Tips: best recording settings in Traktor Pro for mixing mp3s

October 23, 2020
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Traktor Pro is designed for DJs playing high-quality audio formats like AIFF and WAV. So what happens when the rest of us want to mix the 320k mp3s we buy on Beatport? It turns out, Traktor handles mixing — and recording — mp3s just fine as long as you use the right settings.

These are the recording settings I've used for years. They're easy to set-up and leave alone.


My recording settings
  1. Set Main output level to -1.0 dB
  2. Set Audio Recorder Gain level to -3.0 dB
  3. Make sure Limiter is not enabled and Headroom is set to None

Next, I'll explain why I use each of these settings.



I run Traktor 3 externally with a rme fireface uc and pioneer djm 750 mk2 and also run the traktor master at – 1db, if I turn on keylock I hit the reds but I never use keylock…
how do set the output routing in traktor scratch pro
What hardware do you have?

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