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Imagine: first five minutes of an Oculus Rift / Tango adventure

March 15, 2014
1 min read

Tango is running and synced to your Oculus Rift. You put your head gear on.

Everything on the screens is foggy. Shapes are slowly coming into focus...

Voices start to drift in: "This is madness! There's no way this is going to work! You had no right. I totally… Wait! Hold up! I'm getting something. The video feed. I see something. Shut up, all of you. Hello!? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?"

Still looking around. you start seeing... the room. The walls are metal, there's storage crates… You're sitting on one.

"Hello? Can you hear me? Say something!"

Still looking around. Can't see much, looks like maybe a storage room.

"Quit looking around and answer me. Can you hear me?" (more…)


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