Following up on my Wallflower project, I spent a few hours this past weekend creating a basic leanback player for You can watch on your desktop computer but it looks best when it’s hooked up to a HDTV. Simply select a channel from the Leanback Player menu on, kick back, and enjoy.

The channels are based on existing Vimeo groups and channels. Many are channels on Vimeo, but I added a few popular ones including VJs UnitedVJ Showcase, and Accentfeed. These groups receive new videos every day so they should be really interesting to watch often using the player.

I’m hoping to release this as a general purpose player soon. There’s a major technical upgrade in the works known as StageVideo which should help with dramatically reducing CPU usage by HD video. Vimeo has added hooks for this but I’m waiting on a formal release from Adobe to implement it.

Link to player