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Cloudskipper 250,000+ downloads : Awkward Zone Defeated!

July 8, 2011
1 min read

We debated if we should post this milestone because Cloudskipper grew so fast and it was pretty much out of our hands... but it turns out 250k downloads is actually a major Android app event!

The mobile Android Market has only a few download count milestones. The final milestone is "> 250,000 downloads". That's it. Could be millions (like all the other players) or barely crossed the threshold (like us).

So that's it. Cloudskipper is no longer in the awkward, growing stage. We're at the gown-up table now. We're "made"... in a geeky, statistical kind of sense.

Thanks again you guys for giving Cloudskipper a shot. Naturally there's more to come. Version 1.5 just went out and a fixes will follow tonight.

And yes, this was partly an excuse to use an awesome Questionable Content pic... ;-)


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