Imagine you HDTV as a canvas hanging in a fine art museum, modern gallery, or hipster joint. What would it show?

Wallflower is a continuous playlist of visual art for your HDTV. Simply turn it on and let it play. Wallflower is great for parties and entertaining guests — the visuals will naturally add style and energy to your space. The content is constantly updated by artists on Vimeo, so there’s always something new and amazing to see.

The current iteration is pretty simple - it randomly plays the 20 latest videos from the Wallflower group on Vimeo. Technically, the biggest challenge was manipulating Vimeo's playing into working nicely as an embed. While they allow Flash embedding, their code isn't meant for it. Their player is stand-alone oriented, so stuff like keyboard control, autoplay, and resizing had to be overcome.

I also have it working for Google TV, but that has limitations. Logitech's GTV box has a wimpy processor, so some of the video's chug. I'm waiting for StageVideo in Vimeo to help with that. Should be soon.

Check it out here.