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Introducing Dayframe 2.0 w/ Chromecast Photos and Slideshow

We're very happy to introduce Dayframe 2.0, featuring our new interactive Chromecast photo slideshow.

We wanted to make something you could touch and feel. so it's not just play and sit back - it's interactive! You can control what's playing on Chromecast by swiping forwards and backwards, zoom to fit or fill, pause, shuffle, and even like photos.

Not only will it cast your device’s photos, Dayframe will also stream photos from Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Twitter, and 500px. We even added a bunch of gif animation streams!

Note: playing photos on Chromecast requires Dayframe Prime (in-app upgrade), a Chromecast stick, and the latest Play Services update.

Here's a quick demo from Mike:

We also gave Dayframe a nice UI/UX overhaul for 2.0. It's much easier to find and play the stuff you want. For example, you can now open and play albums & streams direct from your library. We also added My Library to the left menu, Favorites for keeping your favorite streams together, better ways to make album-based playlists, and lots of little changes everywhere.

We're now using IAP (in app purchase) for Dayframe Prime. The previous Dayframe Prime apk has been removed from the Play Store but it will still work for everyone who bought it (thanks!).

Time for screenshots!



Library Manger


Playlist Manager




There's still a few bugs and quirks to work out but we were too excited to share Chromecast to wait, so we got this out as fast as we could. More updates coming very soon.

Dayframe 2.0 is available now in the Play Store.

[UPDATE 2/13/14] Chromecast now available in Dayframe 2.1

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