September 5, 2021No Comments

Sunday Sundowns+ // Summer 2021

Last May, I officially joined The Ambient Mafia, so I've been keeping pretty busy on Sundays this year playing for Sunday Sundowns. I'll usually start with a couple of hours of relaxed melodic and organic house in my own stream and finish with an hour of chill for Sunday Sundowns. The music is great to throw on in the background while you work. Please enjoy 😅

I was also invited to play for the Friends & Family Virtual Campout in June and Unison 8 in July. Unfortunately, I can't find any recordings of those shows :(

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May 31, 2021No Comments

Sunday Sundowns // May 2021

This month I officially joined The Ambient Mafia. I’ve been spinning with them for the past few months, but our history goes back much further. We’ve all DJ’d together for a couple of decades with Stargaze and other social groups.

I played three sets with them this month. I haven’t done a chill mix in some time, so it’s been a challenge finding the right tone and options. Fortunately, I feel like this will be a great opportunity to explore my chill side, so I’m grateful to be a part of the group. Thanks!