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April 22, 2014 - No Comments!

HD Widgets 4 beta

HD Widgets 4 is coming!

Today we released the HDW 4 beta in our beta community. To participate, simply join the beta group using a Google+ account and follow the instructions.

UPDATE: if you're using Google+ on your device, see below for links.

HDW users can opt-in to the beta group and play with the new app now. There's also a new Colourform theme pack beta available in the same group.

The UI is fresher and lighter while under the hood got a major revamp. The new app uses a side menu for fast and easy navigation. The weather screen now includes an hourly forecast graph, 7-10 day forecast, and more details. There's also new prefs, support, guides, widgets, and much more to be announced next week.

Please help us spread the word about the beta so we can round up as many people as possible to test the new app. HD Widgets currently has almost 1M active users and it's been over a year since our last major update; we really want to release the best app we can.

HD Widgets 4 is scheduled for staged roll out beginning Thursday, May 1st. We'll have complete details (and a few surprises) at that time.

Install HD Widgets 4 Beta now via the beta group.

If you're on mobile here's the links:

HD Widgets 4 beta:

Colourform 2 beta:

What's the live wallpaper we're using? Mountains Now

March 25, 2014 - No Comments!

Introducing Cloudskipper 2.0

Our classic music player, Cloudskipper 2.0 is now available in the Play Store. The new app is a massive UI overhaul designed for ICS and later devices with high res screens.

The new app has the same overall flow and feel, just brought closer to current trends and features. We've done away with the glassy design and applied a cleaner, flatter look. The fundamentals are still here: swipe based navigation, thumb-level buttons, social sharing, and our lock screen.

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November 4, 2013 - No Comments!

New Dayframe beta now available

Big news everyone! Dayframe is now available as a beta in our new Dayframe Beta community. If you want an early peek and want to help us track down any last-minute bugs or mistakes please join us.

Dayframe is scheduled to roll out next Tuesday, 11/12/13 on Google Play. You can install Dayframe now to get in line. The app will automatically update to the full version when it's ready.

Here's how to join the beta:

1) Join this community:

2) Say yes to the opt-in:

3) Now install the app:

We've been working hard all summer & fall to make this the best possible photo experience on Android. Great stuff coming next week!