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Material Design Cast Icons for the Android Toolbar

material cast icon in toolbar

[Update: looks like the newest Cast Companion Library uses the new icon now, so just upgrade. If you don't want to update, then you can still use my technique.]

Very happy to make these available: here's new 24dp Material Design style icons for Google Cast / Chromecast that you can start using today in your Android toolbar. The pack includes the original Material Cast Icon resources currently available through Google's Developer Resources.

It's super simple. There's 3 parts you need to copy to your resources:

  1. add animation files to res/anim/
  2. add the Holo icon files to res/drawable/
  3. add the resolution files to their respective folders

Just download the zip file, add files to the right folders, and compile!

How it works

Android uses mr_ic_media_route_holo_dark and mr_ic_media_route_holo_light as the base toolbar icons. Following the steps I found on StackOverflow, I updated the code to use the _24dp icon files found in the cast icon pack. I also created new animation steps for the connecting process.





What's Here

Please note, I didn't make changes for every use case, I only updated for light / dark 24dp-icon-using toolbars. Also, these icons only replace the toolbar icon - they don't update the old Holo icons used in the cast dialogs. If you need something else, just take a look at what I did and roll your own.

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Said Tahsin Dane
April 13, 2015 at 4:14 am

Does the new library include the animation you did? Or something similar. Animation when connecting is really cool I think.

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