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Introducing Cloudskipper 2.0

Our classic music player, Cloudskipper 2.0 is now available in the Play Store. The new app is a massive UI overhaul designed for ICS and later devices with high res screens.

The new app has the same overall flow and feel, just brought closer to current trends and features. We've done away with the glassy design and applied a cleaner, flatter look. The fundamentals are still here: swipe based navigation, thumb-level buttons, social sharing, and our lock screen.

cloudskipper-screens too


  • swipe-based library navigation w/ mini player
  • tap mini player to open main player
  • NEW persistent notification player - swipe to remove when not playing
  • NEW side menu navigation
  • player EQ - click to toggle on/off, long press to open
  • app lock screen w/ player controls, camera, flashlight, and ringer toggle
  • NEW lock screen - swipe to open

Althought there's a new look and new features, we're not really finished so Cloudskipper 2.o is a work in progress.  There's a bunch of bugs and design fixes due. To be honest, we had to rush this out because of conflicts caused by KitKat. The up side is that we can much more easily release small updates without the pressure of a "major" release. So expect more soon =)

Download Cloudskipper now via Google Play

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