Indie Project

MVP design

Obvious is an activity logging app that makes it easy to track what you worked on. It uses a Pomodoro timer to check in and asks "what are you working on right now?"


Figma, Swift, Xcode

Problem Statement

What did I do all day?

Agile systems focus on what you think you will do, rather than what you actually did. We’re expected to update our task list whenever we get diverted by an unplanned task. But that’s a diversion on top of the diversion.


My Solution

What am I working on... right now?

Want to be more productive? The first thing all productivity coaches will recommend is: write down what you're doing as you do it.

My app makes that easy. It uses a periodic timer to check in and ask “what am I working on right now?” Quickly jot it down and keep moving.


High-fidelity MVP

I designed using Apple’s components and styles to reduce development time and get it in front of users quicker.


Timer layouts for iPad Pro, iPhone Pro, & MacBook Pro


Journal layouts for iPad Pro & iPhone Pro


By using system colors, dark mode can be immediately supported on all devices


Various sheets for journal entries and settings

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