May 26, 20083 Comments

Start-ups: your blog is your soul, baby.

A couple of our W08 YC brethren got side-swiped today. One was hit with a ton of unexpected traffic. The other hit with a drive-by blogger for appearing to be dead.

In both cases neither team had updated their blog in over a month!

C'mon guys!

I've been working on the Mixwit blog for a couple of months now. I think I'm getting the hang of it and thought I could share my thoughts on start-up blogging:

A start-up's blog can be very important and revealing. They're followed differently than other kinds of blogs (news, personal) by providing insight into their personality, work ethic, and history... and if the start-up still cares about what they're working on.

Posts don't need to be every day, but they can have spurts of dailiness. In contrast, the longest socially-acceptable gap of silence seems to be around two weeks, provided it's not always two week gaps.

Most posts are expected to point out new features and updates, which demonstrate life and activity and provide easy milestones that cover their history.

What if you haven't added any new features in a couple of weeks? Simple:

- talk about recent press (up to a month ago)

- thank (and link back to) supporting blogs / users

- share recent user feedback

- post personal stories and company events (i.e. parties)

Hopefully this will save you from posting the dreaded "sorry I haven't posted in a while..." entry. ACK!

May 11, 2008No Comments

My Blog v3

Hi All,

This is my third attempt at writing a blog to share useful ideas and tools with the Flash community.

The first two attempts went very well but were obliterated due to my lack of understanding (and patience) for hosting, maintaining, and updating my own WordPress blog. Between Aug '07 and now were five software updates to WordPress and I quickly lost control of my files.

After the simplicity of hosting the Mixwit Blog on, I've learned that stability is far more impressive that cool third-party features. I've always hosted my own sites and email, so this is a really big concession to turn it over to

I've also been really busy with Mixwit and made a point of not working on any other projects during my Y-Combinator incubation period. VJTV ( will also be re-emerging and public this week.