April 28, 201315 Comments

Digital DJing: harmonic mixing

I've briefly talked about harmonic mixing in previous posts and figured this would be a good time to go into detail. I'll cover apps for detecting and organizing by key, notation systems they use, and then the techniques I use.

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March 31, 20133 Comments

Digital DJing: Traktor prep mixes

So far my posts have all been about getting your tracks ready for mixing but not actually mixing anything. This time you finally get to mix! Of course you'll still be doing prep-work throughout the mix, but you'll have fun doing it and it'll make your mixes sound great right out of the gate.

In my last post I covered my Traktor Settings so I wont repeat any of those. However, I will restate that I use a Kontrol S4 to play tracks, so my of my suggestions will be optimized that that layout and experience.

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March 24, 20131 Comment

Digital DJing: my Traktor settings

I'll be talking about Traktor in my next few posts, so now is a good time to list my current settings so you can keep up.

My settings are different that those you'll find on sites like DJ Tech Tools because I focus primarily on classic song-to-song mixing rather than controllerism techniques. For example, I actually use cue points as markers, instead of loop points, to make my sets tighter and stronger. Furthermore, my settings are also effective for a large, frequently updated library shared between multiple computers.

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March 11, 2013No Comments

Digital DJing: using iTunes 10 (not iTunes 11) to organize your collection

There's a few apps DJs can use for organizing tracks. Traktor's collections view now allows DJs to sort by key, while Mixed in Key recently added energy level to their player. But the common denominator, the one everyone uses (at least on Mac) is also the most versatile: old iTunes 10.

I go through a lot of music each month and it's a lot of work to keep my library organized and readily available.This post is all about how I keep everything organized in iTunes for DJing.

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February 3, 20131 Comment

Digital DJing: Acquisition – batch processing new tracks into your library

I follow a lot of genres so I end up buying a TON of music on Beatport: last year ~50GB. It's a lot of music to keep track of so I need to be organized. Today's post is on acquisition and how to get your newly downloaded music ready for mixing.

These are the steps I use every time I get new music:

  1. Download everything into a folder
  2. Archive the folder
  3. Create new playlist in iTunes
  4. Add all tracks to playlist
  5. Remove lame "Purchased at Beatport.com" comments
  6. Run files through Mixed in Key
  7. Play / skip through all tracks so key comments are updated
  8. Fix genres
  9. Fix bad BPMs using MixMeister BPM Analyzer
  10. Move albums & compilations to separate playlist

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