I updated my permalink urls today. Previously my site used /blog/year/post-name, but now it will use /category/post-name.

Why the change? A long time ago I decided to hard-code the word "blog" into the site permalink, which was fine for blog posts. But years later, when I needed to add a new portfolio, it caused my projects to be listed under /blog/work instead of just /work.

I mostly get inbound links for Android / UX development and Digital DJing tips. This url change shouldn't be too disruptive to those readers because most of those posts are simply old or outdated. I've left those two categories in the main menu for the time being to make it easy to relocate those posts.

[Update: I also changed "Android Dev Tips" to "UX Development" since that's my area of expertise.]

My apologies for the minor hassle. Moving forward, I expect there will be far more use for my posts in the future due to upcoming changes to my site.