November 14, 2010No Comments

Weekend project: Hero-based documents browser for Android

I wanted to build a music player for Android, but before I could start I realized that I had no idea where the music files were stored on the device, let alone how to actually grab them.

So I took a step back and made something simpler: an Android documents browser.

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November 4, 2010No Comments

AdobeMAX, one week later – my list*

* in no particular order and as brief as possible...

AIR is Everywhere

Not really, but it's circulating. AIR is definitely on Android, just check out any of the 50+ Android hands-on labs and sessions. And it's now on BlackBerry, especially the PlayBook (w/ AIR-based OS). It's also on Samsung's Galaxy Tab. And one of their... uh... Blu-Ray players. And a Samsung TV early next year.

The takeaway - by MAX 2011, AIR will be much closer to "everywhere" which will be awesome.

The challenge - will AIR be on PS3 and XBox?

Flash Builder / Burrito / Hero

These are the true-blue heros behind AIR's growing significance. Burrito is buggy but has a to-die-for feature: USB to Android deployment for testing. Couple of steps and my app is ON MY FREAKING PHONE! Pow! And the new Hero SDK makes my app feel more or less natural on my phone.

The takeaway - I'm making Android apps, stat.

The challenge - how to get Hero-based AIR apps on my real devices: my iPhone and iPad.

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February 25, 2010No Comments

Detailed instructions for installing AIR 2.0 SDK (for OSX)

My friend Mike posted instructions for installing the AIR 2.0 beta a couple of months ago which was really helpful for non-programmers like me. Unfortunately only a week later the AIR team changed the file type of the download which essentially nixed Mike's instructions.

The good news is that the new file version is actually pretty easy to install, but the instructions are geared towards people who think like a programmer instead of us Creative Suite people.

The new instructions are available in the Release Notes, which non-programmers might find a little confusing. Here's detailed instructions (for the rest of us) on how to install AIR 2.0: Read more

October 12, 2009No Comments

Best of MAX ’09 on Adobe TV & Max Online


This year's MAX was a blast. Lots of great announcements (but not many releases) from Adobe on what's in store in the coming year. The best part: almost all of the sessions are now available as videos on Adobe TV and  MAX Online.

The big announcement was Flash-based app development for the iPhone which came as a great surprise for everyone. I'm very surprised how close I came in calling it in my pre-MAX blog post. If blogging was pool, my post would count if we're playing "call pocket" and not "call shot". Read more

July 21, 200926 Comments

Flash on Twitter – 100+ essential people & topics

This is a list of some of the most influential and interesting sources on Twitter. It's somewhat California-centric, but includes major Flash events, evangelists, and pros from around the world. It's not absolute nor complete. But I did make a point of finding people that are active and often on topic.

Update: I'll update the list over the next few days for accuracy and add/remove names if requested. I also created an Addendum for 15 19 new names & sources (added on Wed), so if you've already gone through the list, you don't have to guess what's new. Read more

July 2, 2009No Comments

Schematic's Flash / Flex Multi-Touch Wall

Behind the scenes of the Schematic multi-touch wall from Serge Jespers on Vimeo.

( Microsoft has (rightfully) gotten a lot of attention with their Surface multi-touch table. Schematic has now raised the bar. In Cannes at the Cannes Lions festival, they were showing a 3.5m (12ft) x 1.5m (5ft) multi-touch/multi-user intelligent wall which puts the Surface to shame.

The massive display gives attendees instant access to the complete festival program, 3D maps of the event and surrounding area, and information on local restaurants and bars. The Touchwall also helps delegates schedule meetings with each other and trade contact information via email. The presentation layer is built with the Flex 4 framework and runs on Flash Player 10.

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