August 23, 2019No Comments

Time Journal v0.1: a prototype

I’ve been thinking about starting a new project and/or company for the past year. I had an idea gestating for a while and when I learned Startup School was starting, I decided to join up and take the leap.

OK Roar is productivity tracking and management for non-managers. It’s designed to be intuitive and automated, offloading much of the cognitive overhead of self-management:

  • todo lists that break projects into actionable items
  • keeping track of what I’m doing throughout the day
  • setting task for the next day / week
  • assigning tasks to Pomodoro sessions
  • documenting daily, weekly, monthly progress
  • planning and tracking OKRs and integrating them into action items

I started by building a prototype (shown above). It’s a Pomodoro timer for macOS that asked “what did I do?” at the end of each pomo session. By the end of the day, I had a long list that I could copy & paste into my work journal.

I used the prototype for a couple of days and found it to be very rewarding, so that’s good news. I've also discovered a big UX flaw (can't add manual entries) and started on a redesign. There are other core features I'll need like user settings, metrics, and a journal of some kind to keep track of many days of entries. I also want it to start automatically and have smarter work sessions lengths.

More to come... Should be fun!

April 4, 2011No Comments

Weekend Project: leanback player

Following up on my Wallflower project, I spent a few hours this past weekend creating a basic leanback player for You can watch on your desktop computer but it looks best when it’s hooked up to a HDTV. Simply select a channel from the Leanback Player menu on, kick back, and enjoy.

The channels are based on existing Vimeo groups and channels. Many are channels on Vimeo, but I added a few popular ones including VJs UnitedVJ Showcase, and Accentfeed. These groups receive new videos every day so they should be really interesting to watch often using the player.

I’m hoping to release this as a general purpose player soon. There’s a major technical upgrade in the works known as StageVideo which should help with dramatically reducing CPU usage by HD video. Vimeo has added hooks for this but I’m waiting on a formal release from Adobe to implement it.

Link to player

January 12, 2011No Comments

New year, new direction…

After taking a break to catch up with our personal lives, we're now back into project development. The current iteration of Cloudskipper is going to change radically. Rather than refactor everything and then release,  we're going to start simple, building upon a multiscreen platform.

In personal news - Mike recovered very well. He's been working for the past six months and now is eager to be working on CloudTV again. I've moved into a beautiful new apartment and have lived a wondrously shut-in lifestyle while working on and Wallflower.

December 22, 2010No Comments

Wallflower – visual art for your HDTV

Imagine you HDTV as a canvas hanging in a fine art museum, modern gallery, or hipster joint. What would it show?

Wallflower is a continuous playlist of visual art for your HDTV. Simply turn it on and let it play. Wallflower is great for parties and entertaining guests — the visuals will naturally add style and energy to your space. The content is constantly updated by artists on Vimeo, so there’s always something new and amazing to see.

The current iteration is pretty simple - it randomly plays the 20 latest videos from the Wallflower group on Vimeo. Technically, the biggest challenge was manipulating Vimeo's playing into working nicely as an embed. While they allow Flash embedding, their code isn't meant for it. Their player is stand-alone oriented, so stuff like keyboard control, autoplay, and resizing had to be overcome.

I also have it working for Google TV, but that has limitations. Logitech's GTV box has a wimpy processor, so some of the video's chug. I'm waiting for StageVideo in Vimeo to help with that. Should be soon.

Check it out here.

November 4, 2010No Comments

New website featuring HD videos

Going on it’s third layout, the new website focusses on presenting HD video in a LARGE format.

The previous site design and layout (done in 2008) allowed for large 640px wide videos, which was extraordinary back in the day. The new layout now provides 1024×576 feature videos, and 768×432 in-line videos (both of which conform nicely to 16x pixel depth resizing). More important, the new layout works effectively for mobile devices and tablets, avoiding the extra effort of mobile-view CSS.

check it out...