February 25, 2021No Comments

Obvious: MVP design

I recently completed the high-fidelity designs for the Obvious MVP (minimally viable product). Most of my time was on finalizing abstract features like timers, multiple journals, and tags. I also had to embrace challenges native to Apple OSes such as window sizes and dark mode support. As such, I made a point of limiting the design to native components and styles as much as possible.

Let’s start with the Journal.

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January 9, 2021No Comments

Obvious: wireframe prototyping

I’ve been having a lot of fun building interactive prototypes for Obvious, my activity journal app. Two of my prototypes are guided walkthroughs of the Timer and Journal sections. The third is a heavily-wired simulation of cycling through a set of work sessions and breaks using a working (but truncated) Pomodoro timer.

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January 8, 2021No Comments

Obvious: wireframes

I recently completed my second round of wireframes for my Productivity Log app [update: now named Obvious].

In the first round, the goal was to take the layout of my Mac prototype and translate it to the iPhone and iPad. This time, I had to expand my scope and resolve everything I could figure out with wireframes so I could move on to high-fidelity designs.

The biggest difference this time was how to organize entries. This organization would determine my layout components and data models. I also had to be able to explain how my new timers work, along with other user settings I needed for an MVP. Finally, I needed to layout mundane stuff like signing up, editing entries, and error states.

Let’s take a look.

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October 22, 2020No Comments

Productivity log: multiplatform wireframes

My productivity app is coming along, albeit slowly. There have been some significant changes behind the scenes which have required some ramp up before I could move forward.

This post is mostly a progress report to talk about changes I made a while ago to the Mac app prototype and to show some initial wireframes for iOS, iPad, and macOS. I also have a Figma prototype I put together to show how the timer screen would work on iPhones.

Let's dig in!

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September 15, 2019No Comments

Productivity Log: user types & timers

An early step in UX design methodology is creating user types or personas for your product. For this exercise, I wanted to explore how my app might serve different user types, specifically the timers.

A productivity log solves a personal problem I have: keeping track of the work I do each day. As a user, I didn’t feel I needed to conduct UX research to develop personas. Instead, I jump-started with user types based on the roles I’ve had in the past.

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September 7, 2019No Comments

Productivity Log v0.2 – alternate prototype

In my last post, I mentioned I had started working on a redesign for my time journal app. My strategy was two-fold: separate the journal into its own window and simplify the entry pane.

I used this opportunity to try out some conventional UX methods, including creating high-fidelity wireframes for the entry window, journal, and preferences. I also spent some time thinking about different User Types and their requirements.

Once the design was complete, I rebuilt the app, started dog-food testing it, and the result was surprising.

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