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NYE 2021 // Live AV Mixes

I performed a couple of AV livestreams with some friends for NYE 2021. The visuals came out pretty well and the mixes are unusually short for me (less than an hour each).

Twitch seemed to be overwhelmed that evening because my usual 6k streams would stutter. I had to drop the bitrate down to 4.5k to make everything play uninterrupted, so the visual quality is a little rougher than usual.

Nevertheless, I had a great time putting these together. I hope you enjoy them!

May 19, 20192 Comments

Cats & Flowers

Please enjoy a springtime mix featuring tracks from All Day I Dream, Shanti Radio Moscow, Tale & Tone, and others. Some deep house, some desert house, and lots of bright bells.

Full Mix

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March 15, 20171 Comment


My first official DJ mix in almost a year, I'm very happy to present Cerebella.

I tried to build around a theme of complex music forms and sounds. It's a bit of deep house, progressive techno, and indie techno in a very geeky, cerebral mix with some Latin flavor. Many of these tracks are brilliant but very difficult to mix and often complex, so they probably didn't show up on many dance floors. That's probably why they are some of my favorites of the past year and I felt they could use some attention and appreciation :)

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I spent all winter putting this mix together. It was inspired by the music I heard at Robot Heart at Burning Man 2015. There was a wonderful, reverent mood to the music - but with enough energy to make you want to move.

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This is a mix I was working on in 2014. I was experimenting with a lot of wonderful yet distinct sounds which flow well together here, but also pushed the energy around a bit too much. Ultimately, Apex was a stepping stone that followed my EDM phase of Titan et al and was put together before Vanilla Sky.

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Live @ the G-Spot, Burning Man 2015

I was fortunate to get a chance to play at the G-Spot camp this year. They're an old school BM group with serious cred, an open bar, and AMAZING dinners. I wasn't sure what to play - their DJ mixer had a big "NO DUBSTEP" sticker on it so I tried to thread the needle with a glitchy, funky afternoon vibe. I ended up having a blast and was on a high for the rest of the night.

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