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March 8, 2013 - No Comments!

Sometimes a switch isn’t a switch… Introducing indicators & quick settings

A lot has changed on Android in the last couple of years. When we first started HD Widgets, toggle switches were very common and we could all do a lot of things with them. Since then, many common toggles such as GPS, 3G, and even Flight Mode have been made inaccessible by updates to Android OS.

HD Widgets will soon have over 50 switches - except most of them aren't really "switches". At current count only 18 actually toggle something. The rest are simply status indicators & action triggers.

To keep up with the times we're going to change what we call these things. You'll soon see it in Colourform. Switches will be called Quick Settings to match Google's naming style for the notification switches introduced in Jellybean.

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November 1, 2012 - No Comments!

Colourform widgets: wireframe previews

We're working on two theme packs: Large Text and Colourform. Both will use the same design style and components. Colourform is a lot of work so it's going to be our first paid widget pack ($0.99). To make sure we don't have any hiccups, we're going to lead with a free, smaller version of Large Text widgets which will have all of the same features but fewer layouts.

The Large Text pack is in response to users who have have asked that we make widgets that are easier to read. We added a few Large Text widgets to Glass Gems, but this will be a pack based on the new design style.

These are just wireframes, but as you can see the theme was designed to support the native ICS/JB aesthetic. The idea of these two packs is to let the user change the color of most everything: backgrounds, icons, separators, text, etc. We're using Climacons as the new weather icons (you can color them too). You'll also notice more emphasis on utilities like next alarm & battery. When we get to HDW 4.0 we'll have a lot more widgets for stuff like missed calls, SMS, etc.

We expect to release the free Large Text widget pack mid-November which should include all of the features of both packs. Colourform will follow around the end of the month. It will have a TON of layouts which means it will take longer to test on many devices.

November 1, 2012 - No Comments!

Introducing HD Widgets 3.5 – more widgets, new sizes, local time & more

We're very happy to announce the release of HD Widgets 3.5. This free update features a massive refresh of the Glass Gems widgets and gets us one step closer to the new widget packs. Weather is also seeing some improvements with new features and minor bug fixes.

What's New? Here's the quick list:

  • massive widget cleanup / redesign
  • 20 new layouts + 2 new size groups
  • local time & date in weather screen
  • improved weather icons
  • greater accuracy for locations manually added
  • widget preview activity cleanup
  • privacy policy & TOS added
  • flashlight bug fixes
  • LG calendar support
  • sdk 16

We were planning this to a basic update with a couple of new layouts, but once the redesign started it was clear this would be a big one. We've added over 20 new layouts including the new Bar series which allows the clock to go full width and be background-free. For the upcoming theme packs we needed to add two more size groups to the primary app: 2 x 2 and 4 x 3. We also needed to start testing the new text clocks since they will be key to the new themes.

Regarding the new permission(s): we didn't ask for them - they're just part of the new Android sdk and are now required for existing features.

The weather screen now shows local time & date so it's much easier to keep in touch with friends and colleagues around the world. We've also revamped location detection which should fix some tough but obscure bugs.

For the biz side we added a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Both are available on the website as well as via the Settings panel in our apps.

Hopefully this won't be too disruptive. Some people freak when designs are changed, so we made sure not to change too much. We just got rid of a lot of old ideas and cleaned-up for our future.

Download HD Widgets 3.5 here.

August 21, 2012 - No Comments!

HD Widgets 3.1 Released

We just pushed out a small update for HD Widgets. This update should take care of most of the bugs leftover from the initial 3.0 launch along with a few design tweaks. We're finally settling in with the app so there should be less update fatigue for everyone.

There's some good news: the Play Store is now doing smart updates so you won't have to download the entire app every time now. You'll only have to grab the differences.

We've been doing fixes for the past month but forgot to write down the early ones. Here's what we have:

  • GPS / battery wake issue fixed
  • widget menu update (new images & descriptions)
  • weather activity cleaned up on N7
  • Android font dot removed
  • 4x2 date hotspot fixed
  • date format updates
  • new permissions: Set Alarm & Get Task
  • fix for Google weather sunset/sunrise
  • fix for changing switches and low memory devices
  • long meridians removed for French, German, & Czech

For the new permissions: Set Alarm allows us to link direct to alarm settings instead of just the clock and Get Task fixes a problem with activities shutting off too quick on the Evo 3D.

We're still heads down on the new app. We may have an announcement on it next week - or it will be October. Mike's getting married in September, so we're not sure if we'll be ready beforehand. I'll be working on the new HD Widgets themes while he's away.

Either way we'll have a lot for you guys this fall!!