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January 21, 2013 - No Comments!

Music Projects in 2013

DJing has been a life-long hobby for me, stretching way back into the 80s. It's awkward to say straight out, but most of my friends think I'm a great DJ (thank you!) while to me I'll always just be a fanboy. What I can agree with is that I have a pretty wide knowledge of EDM and mixing techniques that come from 30 years of playing around with music.

So for 2013 I've decided to do something more about it.

First off, I'm starting a new internet radio station: It'll be a handful but I'm trying to keep it simple. The short term goal is to have a 24/7 EDM station playing a variety of genres and new music. It'll be radio format with many DJ friends taking part and hosting their own shows. I have a pretty large library of music and I'm constantly buying tons of music on Beatport, so I can easily fill up the hours and days with fresh stuff. Earcandy should kick off in early spring.

I'm going to start blogging about DJing. In particular I'll be posting on digital mixing techniques. I think there's a gulf between classic track-to-track DJing and controllerism. I'll write about techniques I've learned like managing a DJ library, marking up tracks, set building, harmonic mixing, cuepoint strategies, recording, mastering, and releasing mixes.

As for making new mixes, I'm thinking fewer this year but with higher production quality. I have a few different ideas in development. I'm overdue for another Jerry Raver mix which will be a blast to do. I loved doing Plateau and Stars, so I hope I can do another mix with that level of energy. I'm very curious where EDM will go this year and will do my best to share.

In the meantime, Cloudskipper should get a nice update next month. We have someone adding the latest sdk and cleaning up some of the major bugs, after which I'll be able to make incremental tweaks and changes. We still have some big features to add like mixes and car mode.

Sounds like a lot but most of it is pretty simple - and I've got a whole year to do it all ;-)