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July 25, 2011 - No Comments!

Cloudskipper 1.6 released: EQ and making room for more…

We just pushed the next big update for Cloudskipper. What's new?

  • EQ, Bass Boost, Reverb, & Virtualizer for Android 2.3+
  • placed a search button in empty control bar slot
  • rearranged the audio player layout
  • better layout for small screens
  • rearranged the Settings
  • set the lock screen action buttons to click instead of long-click by default

Most of these changes are motivated by your user feedback and customization seems to be the key ingredient. Mike pointed out that this is probably the biggest difference between the iOS and Android platforms: iOS does great design, but has almost zero flexibility. Android is more open to interpretation; users and developers want the flexibility to customize anything and everything.

So that's now part of our strategy - make Cloudskipper super-flexible while maintaining a super-clean interface.

Today's update is meant to make these changes easier. For example, we planned to have a streaming button in the control panel to make it easy to stream from your device to your desktop computer and stereo. But that's now much further down on our todo list, so the space would have been empty for a while.

Another example: new Android devices don't come with a built-in search button, so we have to provide one in the layout. But not everyone needs another search button. So how will that work? We decided that last slot is will soon be for a custom "tool" button. For now it will just be Search, but soon you'll be able to pick which tool you want there. This is why we also redid the player and Settings layouts - we need room for more buttons and settings.

July 8, 2011 - No Comments!

Cloudskipper 250,000+ downloads : Awkward Zone Defeated!

We debated if we should post this milestone because Cloudskipper grew so fast and it was pretty much out of our hands... but it turns out 250k downloads is actually a major Android app event!

The mobile Android Market has only a few download count milestones. The final milestone is "> 250,000 downloads". That's it. Could be millions (like all the other players) or barely crossed the threshold (like us).

So that's it. Cloudskipper is no longer in the awkward, growing stage. We're at the gown-up table now. We're "made"... in a geeky, statistical kind of sense.

Thanks again you guys for giving Cloudskipper a shot. Naturally there's more to come. Version 1.5 just went out and a fixes will follow tonight.

And yes, this was partly an excuse to use an awesome Questionable Content pic... ;-)

July 7, 2011 - No Comments!

Cloudskipper 1.5 released : library editing, big artwork, and no more “glowing pants”…

Very excited to be releasing a big update today, and a day early at that! Cloudskipper 1.5 adds some of the most requested features we're received.

The biggest change is the ability to edit your library. We added long-click on list items for adding tracks, artists, and abums to playlists, removing tracks from playlists, renaming playlists, and deleting most anything. We also added a Sort activity to make it easy to rearrange your playlists. We made this in a separate activity because it was too easy to accidently sort stuff when your swipe-navigating.

We've changed the lock screen's action buttons to use long-click by default. This should help resolve the unexpected  "glowing pants" flashlight problem. You can change this in the Settings menu.  The player controls will still use click & touch.

Here's the full list of updates:

  • 24 hour clock in lock screen (optional)
  • Full-size album artwork in fullscreen player
  • Wide album artwork in album view
  • Mini Player layout fixes for mdpi devices (tablets, 320-wide phones)
  • Logo layout fix
  • Long-click popup editing features (add to playlist, rename, delete, etc) on tracks, albums, artists, & playlists
  • Playlists have new Sort activity
  • Lock screen Action buttons now use long-click by default (optional)
  • Turkish translations (thanks Ali!)
  • Dutch translations (thanks Merijn!)

Thanks everyone for your patience and great feedback. After library editing, the 2nd biggest request is EQ, so we're going to start working on that. I think folder & file management is next highest after that, but it will take a bit of work. We'll also be slipping in some small feature updates, fixes, and translations.

Thanks for playing with our app! If you're not, please download Cloudskipper now =)

June 29, 2011 - No Comments!

Cloudskipper 100k installs: level up!

levelup2Seems like it was only last week we were at 10k ...

Oh wait, we were.


K, yeah that's a little cheeky, but it's true. We launched Cloudskipper 60 days ago. It took eight weeks to get to 10k installs. In the past week Cloudskipper has jumped from 10k installs to over 100k installs due to being featured on the market.

We're now at the big kids table, which is always the fun one ;-)

To everyone who's downloading and playing with Cloudskipper: big thanks for giving us a shot.

We're answering emails and feedback as fast as we can. We're also pushing out a new test to the pilots tomorrow. Hopefully we should have some new stuff for y'all next week. Mike's doing family time all next week, but he'll be tethered...

We've also created a new FAQ page for Cloudskipper. Take a look to see where we're going with this.

Download Cloudskipper from the Android Market

June 27, 2011 - No Comments!

Cloudskipper update and other news…

We just pushed out a small update. The new feature is basically an updates notification addition. We see a lot of errors coming from old versions of the app and want to make it easier for everyone to take advantage of updates and fixes.

The new update feature will notify you when a new version is released and show a reminder every 48 hours. We made these as unobtrusive as possible, but you can turn them off via the settings if you wish. This feature was something we wanted to add before we got big and getting bigger is... well.. happening right now.

This update also features fresh German and French translations. Big thanks <(^_^)> to Sascha & Pierre for volunteering and the fast turn-around.

In other news, it looks like we're going to be featured for a couple of weeks in the market. Mike sent me this via Skype this morning:

Basically, we were rotated to the top of the featured category. This is awesome, but it was also OMG and "O NoZ!" since Cloudskipper is a new and very young app. To put things in perspective: it took almost two months to get to 10k installs. At this moment, Google is telling us we now have 65k installs and Flurry says 90k. That's x7-9 growth in 3 days. Boom. (More like eeeek!)

So hello everyone. Very excited to have all the new users. We're answering emails and feedback as fast as we can and still working hard on the next release.

Welcome aboard and have an enjoyable experience.

June 24, 2011 - No Comments!

What a difference a day makes…

What a day. It looks like we more-than doubled our install base in one day. What happened? We were *FEATURED* on the front page of the Android marketplace:

Very happy so many people decided to try out Cloudskipper today. We weren't really expecting this. Installs were actually slowing down and our attention was on releasing the first preview of our new app to our test pilots (more on that soon).

To all the newcomers - welcome aboard!