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September 15, 2012 - No Comments!

Updated website

We've been heads down on HD Widgets and Dayframe for most of the year so we haven't paid a lot of attention to our site. I've been searching for a decent responsive layout theme for the last 6 months and finally found one that worked for our needs. The new theme is called Aveda. It was created by ThemeFusion and is available on ThemeForest.

The new layout makes our site more mobile friendly. More important, it will make it easy to add mobile-friendly, web-based user manuals for our apps.

I've already created a new FAQ for HD Widgets and cleaned up the FAQ for Cloudskipper. I still need to learn a little about implementing tab-based content in the new theme so I can organize everything better into smaller, more-focused chunks.

I've also added Dayframe to the site with some basic promo stuff. The home pages looks good, but the giant Play Store banners are a bit too aggressive here. I'll update that stuff shortly.

April 27, 2011 - No Comments!

New site is up!

Very excited to announce that the new site (a page actually) is finally up. Not a big deal to you, our readers, because you didn't even know it was there, but for us we've had a "coming soon" page for almost two years! =/

It will change very soon. We're working on releasing a new... oh, wait, can't say that yet. Uhm... download Cloudskipper for Android in the interim. We'll do some press announcements next week after we finish up the next CS update.

March 31, 2010 - No Comments!

Introducing Cloud TV, Inc.

Over the past few weeks we've release two big Cloudskipper updates that have dramatically improved the UI by featuring a new preview panel for the home and user pages. This layout matches the original plan for the app and provides a lot of needed room to preview content. It also makes the horizontal list more manageable.

Meanwhile, we're now an official business: Cloud TV, Inc. We've filed for our Thawte certificate so our AIR app can be officially certified which puts us into position to actually start sharing Cloudskipper with the public.

Behind the scenes, Mike is recovering really well from surgery #1. He'll check with his doc in a couple of weeks to get the go ahead with surgery #2. Unfortunately, Mike will remain out of commission until June at which time he'll have to return to working for money for a while... which leads into Burning Man, etc. Short version: he won't be hands-on for a while.

So during that time, I'm undertaking a major rewriting of the app for v0.5 for many reasons. The current app was a proof of concept for us. Most of Cloudskipper is built on top of service-specific code which is inhibiting us from moving forward with an API, plug-ins, user-created playlists, and much more. I'm hoping to have most of the underlying new architecture in place by summer *fingers crossed*