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May 29, 2009 - No Comments!

Cloudskipper 0.1 dev released

Very happy to get Cloudskipper out this evening. No public info, but above is a screen peak. You'll note that we managed to get Hulu in during the last few days, making the app much more interesting and useful.

We'll be squashing bugs and oddities for the next few days. Thanks to everyone for trying it out!

May 19, 2009 - No Comments!

Cloudskipper v0.1 – out next week to a select group of friends

icon128We've been working *very* hard on getting together a first release of Cloudskipper.

So far we've integrated iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud, and we hope to have some useful Hulu functionality before this goes out. The idea is to present two music and two video apps all running together in a single interface and to show how contrasting services can work well together.

At the moment we're working out final touches on basic stuff like log-in/log-out for services and connecting each home and user page to the central hubs. I just finished the layouts for SoundCloud and YouTube pages tonight. Earlier today I also created an icon for the app - the little red airplane.

We're showing the app to a few potential investors this week, most of which we consider very understanding since the app is far from ready for criticism.

I don't expect we'll open up the dev to our twitter followers until version 0.3 or later. We're at least a month or two away...

April 8, 2009 - No Comments!

Birdshot – Twitter posts without distraction

We're pleased to announce that our first app is out for private alpha review.

Birdshot is a simple AIR desktop app for managing and posting to multiple Twitter accounts. The idea came about from a few different needs:

  • a way to post updates to Twitter without getting distracted for hours by everybody's tweets
  • a simple way to manage multiple Twitter accounts (@mixwit, @cloudtv, @radley, @christoff, etc.)
  • become comfortable with basic Adobe AIR distribution and management
  • and of course, test the Twitter API

We'll open up testing to @cloudtv followers in a few days. This announcement is just a teaser - for now the alpha is limited to a small circle of friends, roommates, and workmates who can deal with a 0.1 release.