Starsky Robotics

Teleoperations Program

In June 2017, I joined Starsky Robotics to transform and manage their teleoperations program. Working with a talented group of engineers and drivers, we transformed a prototype to a fully operational system. In September 2017, our remote driver completed an end-to-end unmanned run on the Forida turnpike.

Starsky Truck

The Challenge

Starsky Robotics is working on an artificial intelligence system for big-rig trucks that makes them mostly self-sufficient on highways, and then, when it’s time to exit onto local roads, allows them to be taken over and driven from a remote operations center.

Our goal was to demonstrate our system could do a gate-to-gate run without intervention.

Truck Interior
Early teleop team

My role

I was hired as the Senior UX Designer, so my initial focus was on improving the hardware and software design for the teleoperation station.

Quickly, my responsibility shifted to managing teleoperations. I developed the teleoperations center and training program, including communication protocols, driver evaluation, scheduling, and tracking progress. In my free time, I researched equipment, made numerous UX tweaks, and worked with developers and engineers on performance optimization.

Due to the company’s confidentiality, the specifics of my work can’t be disclosed. I’ve limited the case study to public information and media.


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