02 Oct '09

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My Quick Guide to LA for MAX Attendees

I really miss LA… great food, beautiful beaches, and lots of amazing music and culture.

It’s impossible to make a list of “the best of everything” because there’s so much and everyone has their tastes. So I’ve put together … Read More

01 Oct '09

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Will Adobe Release AIR for iPhone at MAX?

In regards to the MAX Conference next week, Adobe seems to be taking an all-or-nothing approach to the iPhone. Either they plan to announce (and promptly release) AIR for the iPhone or they’re deliberately blowing off iPhone users. As … Read More

28 Sep '09

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My WhyMax Video: AdobeMAX: for developers or designers?

Phillip Kerman is running a WhyMax video contest: is AdobeMax for developers or designers? Winner got a free pass to Adobe Max (which was awarded last week) but there’s also 10 VIP passes for preferred seating at the keynote … Read More

10 Aug '09

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Uhm, Before You Fix Flash…

There’s a lot of talk bouncing around Twitter and Flash blogs on ways to improve the Flash Platform. The general consensus is that JIRA is the quick and easy solution that anyone can easily utilize to do something something … Read More

21 Jul '09


Flash on Twitter – 100+ essential people & topics

This is a list of some of the most influential and interesting sources on Twitter.┬áIt’s somewhat California-centric, but includes major Flash events, evangelists, and pros from around the world. It’s not absolute nor complete. But I did make a point … Read More