My Quick Guide to LA for MAX Attendees

I really miss LA… great food, beautiful beaches, and lots of amazing music and culture.

It’s impossible to make a list of “the best of everything” because there’s so much and everyone has their tastes. So I’ve put together this quick & dirty list of places I miss and plan to hit, as well as a couple of sites that I might use to discover what’s new. I hope this can be useful…

Flavorpill (LA)
Great resource for daytime and nightime events

Tons of people in LA use yelp

google “Silverlake

(Most of these are a 5-10 min drive from Downtown)

Papa Cristos C&K Importing (arguably the best Greek in LA)
Phillips Bar-B-Que (serious, serious BBQ)
Daikokuya (great Ramen, they usually sell out before closing time)
Chano’s Drive-In (cheap, semi-late night tacos & burritos)
Palm’s Thai Restaurant (Thai food, featuring Thai Elvis live)
Little Tokyo (Various restaurants in the northeast corner of Downtown)
Chinatown (Various restaurants just north of Downtown)
Sushi / Noodle Row – 1st Street & Central (north end of Little Tokyo)

West Side (Venice / Santa Monica / Culver City)

If you have time, I recommend heading out to the west side to check out Venice and Santa Monica, but be warned: both freeways (10 & 405) are usually total gridlock during rush hour. Also, don’t forget LAFlashapaloozastock takes place in Venice on Saturday.

Walk-around, food, & shopping:
Santa Monica – Main Street
Santa Monica – 3rd Street Prominade
Santa Monica – Santa Monica Little Tokyo
Venice – Abbot Kinney
Venice – Venice Beach (rent a bike and ride on the beachfront bike path)
Culver City – Downtown (lots of great food, I suggest Tender Greens)

Art on west side:
Bergomot Station – group of art galleries
Hennessey & Ingalls – giant art book store
Griffin LA – David Lynch: New Paintings

Will Adobe Release AIR for iPhone at MAX?

AIR MAX on iPhone
In regards to the MAX Conference next week, Adobe seems to be taking an all-or-nothing approach to the iPhone. Either they plan to announce (and promptly release) AIR for the iPhone or they’re deliberately blowing off iPhone users. As things stand now it’s the latter, but there’s clues (and assumptions) that have me wondering if this October miracle might happen…

Clue #1:  it’s almost impossible to find and/or follow the sessions at the conference via the iPhone. Both the Session Catalog and MAX Map exist only as Flash apps. On the iPhone you’ll actually see a generic template filler:

Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash

Clue #2: Today Adobe released the Adobe MAX Companion – a desktop widget for twittering MAX news and gossip as well as following your MAX schedule (doesn’t work for me) and maps of the conference floors. The size and shape of this widget seems to fit nicely into a smart-phone screen (such as the iPhone).

Clue #3: AIR for Mobile has been in the MAX Session Catalog for the past few months. But recent chatter has revealed surprise and some concern from internal Adobe peeps that AIR for Mobile was made public, as if it was a big secret. AIR for Mobile is a cool advancement but not enough to freak employees out, yet AIR for iPhone certainly qualifies.

Assumption #1: AIR for Mobile will definitely be part of the keynote. As such, I predict that a beta will be released at the conclusion for people to download and use during the remainder of the conference.

Assumption #2: For every Palm Pre user at the conference there will be ten Android users and at least 500 iPhone users. With such a low user ratio, at best a special release of AIR for Mobile release would impress ~50 developers (and  maybe ~500 Blackberry  suits) at MAX, but an AIR for iPhone release would benefit half their audience and amaze everyone.

Assumption #3: It’s hard to imagine that Adobe could be so obstinate as to provide zero support for iPhone users. Most websites at least have some form of HTML backup. Even the Adobe Store, which is entirely Flash (!), has an HTML alternative viewable via the iPhone.

I wish I could say in confidence at this point “I predict Adobe will release AIR for iPhone at MAX this year” but it seems like such a long shot. Nevertheless, it’s worth stirring up the hornets nest for this one.

I’ll be crossing my fingers!!

Uhm, Before You Fix Flash…

the flash team

There’s a lot of talk bouncing around Twitter and Flash blogs on ways to improve the Flash Platform. The general consensus is that JIRA is the quick and easy solution that anyone can easily utilize to do something something something…

I’m writing this post as a reminder than not all Flash users are enterprise-based programmers and that many of us have little or no experience with JIRA.

I personally have had only limited experience with JIRA – usually with receiving / fixing bugs and never for reporting them. I don’t feel handicapped by this lack of knowledge; I spent my time in school learning design, animation, and multimedia which are a natural trajectory to Flash design and development. And I’m certainly not alone. I’ve pointed out many times that Flash continues to be taught in design and multimedia programs but almost never in computer science.

It’s natural for the platform programmers to connect and insulate themselves with other programmers in our field. Thus it’s easy for them to expect an inherent understanding of things like OOP, regular expressions, and JIRA, and overlook stuff like the timeline, tools, and the Creative Suite.

In fact, it seems that these programmers are all on the same path, moving towards the same goal. If I jump to the last page it would probably say: Java did it, in the lab, with Eclipse. [Update – in other words: you know Java, you use Java, so you won’t rest until Flash is essentially Java. No timeline, no GUI interface, no “designer noobs”.]

So to the programming L33T, I speak up for the creative side: JIRA is not an obvious choice. From my little exposure to Adobe’s JIRA system it’s clear that programmers are having a hard enough time getting heard in the Brazilian labyrinth… and they know the system! As outsiders, creatives don’t know the system or protocols, nor should they. That’s your job.

Instead of bug reports, I recommend adding a few creatives to the evangelism and product teams and get their feedback. And by creatives, I don’t mean marketing people. I mean former art directors who work with junior designers and developers and can suggest tools that are more instinctive and natural to people who can draw.

Flash on Twitter – 100+ essential people & topics

This is a list of some of the most influential and interesting sources on Twitter. It’s somewhat California-centric, but includes major Flash events, evangelists, and pros from around the world. It’s not absolute nor complete. But I did make a point of finding people that are active and often on topic.

Update: I’ll update the list over the next few days for accuracy and add/remove names if requested. I also created an Addendum for 15 19 new names & sources (added on Wed), so if you’ve already gone through the list, you don’t have to guess what’s new.

@adobeflash – Adobe Flash
@adobegroups – Adobe Groups
@AdobeTV – Adobe TV
@air – Adobe AIR (by @ryanstewart)
@Flash_Platform – Flash Platform (by Matt Rozen)
@pixelbender – Adobe Pixel Bender

Events & Groups
@360Flex – 360 Flex Conference
@adobemax – Adobe MAX
@BugQuash – BugQuash (Seattle based Flex SDK bug fix event)
@FITC – FITC Conference
@flashallstars – Flash Allstars
@flashbelt – dave schroeder
@FlashDenNet – FlashDen
@flashontap – Flash on Tap
@flashtuts – Flashtuts+ (Flash tutorials)
@FOTB – Flash on the Beach
@fwa – Rob Ford (Flash Website Awards)
@insideria – InsideRIA
@silvafug – Silicon Valley Flex User Group

Adobe Team & Evangelists
@adobeted – Ted Patrick (Events & Community)
@arnog – Arno Gourdol (Sr. Engineering Manager, AIR)
@ashorten – Andrew Shorten (Platform Evangelist)
@cantrell – Christian Cantrell (Technical Product Manager)
@ccoenraets – Christophe Coenraets (Flex Lead)
@ddura – Daniel Dura (Platform Evangelist)
@duanechaos – Duane Nickull (Evangelist)
@ehadobe – Eric Herrmann (Flex Bugs)
@esulliva – Edward Sullivan (DevNet)
@garazi – Greg Rewis (Worldwide Evangelist)
@gburch – Greg Burch (Flex Mobile)
@gregorywilson – Greg Wilson (Enterprise Platform Evangelist)
@jdowdell – John Dowdell
@jlward4th – James Ward (Flex Evangelist)
@joshdura – Josh Dura (Technical Account Manager – FMS)
@kevinlynch – Kevin Lynch (Chief Software Architect) – private
@leebrimelow – Lee Brimelow (Platform Evangelist)
@mchaize – Michaël Chaize (Adobe France)
@mchotin – Matt Chotin (Sr. Product Manager, Flex SDK)
@mesh – Mike Chambers (Principal Product Manager for Developer Relations)
@nigelpegg – Nigel Pegg (FCS, ConnectNow)
@parkerkrhoyt – Kevin Hoyt (Senior Product Specialist)
@pdehaan – Peter deHaan (Flex SDK QE)
@pburnett – Paul Burnett (Flash Evangelist)
@rlux – Rachel Luxemburg (Community Manager)
@robchristensen – Rob Christensen (Product Manager, AIR)
@robdixon – Rob Dixon (
@ryanstewart – Ryan Stewart (Platform Evangelist)
@sfdesigner – Doug Winnie (Group Product Manager for Workflow and Web Tools)
@sjespers – Serge Jespers (Platform Evangelist)
@tomkrcha – Tom Krcha (Platform Evangelist)
@vortex – Matt Voerman (Senior Technical Consultant)

@andremichelle – Andre Michelle (Flash audio dev)
@bartekd – Bartek Drozdz
@BenStucki – Ben Stucki
@bigspaceship – Big Spaceship
@bit101 – Keith Peters
@bitchwhocodes – stacey mulcahy
@BK4D – Ben Kanizay
@BrianDunphy – Brian Dunphy (Flex Authority)
@brianjeremy – Brian Jeremy (JUXT Interactive)
@C4RL05 – Carlos Ulloa (Papervision3D)
@cg219 – Clemente G
@dalerankine – Dale Rankine (Flash mobile dev)
@daringfireball – John Gruber
@darronschall – Darron Schall
@dougmccune – Doug McCune
@drawlogic – Ryan Christensen
@drwoohoo – Dr. Woohoo!
@flashfreaker – Robert Reinhardt
@FlashGuru – Guy Watson
@flight404 – Robert Hodgin
@gillesguillemin – Gilles Guillemin
@gruber – John Gruber
@gskinner – Grant Skinner
@jesterxl – Jesse Warden
@jnbeck – Nate Beck (@BugQuash)
@joa – Joa Ebert
@johnlindquist – John Lindquist (
@joshtynjala – Josh Tynjala
@joshua – Joshua Kinberg (PBS)
@JoshuaDavis – Joshua Davis
@kristoferjoseph – Kristofer Joseph
@lisamarienyc – Lisa Larson-Kelley
@lordalex – Alex Leon
@LordBron – Tom Ortega
@mdowney – Mike Downey (Silverlight evangelist)
@ Michael_Plank – Michael Plank (FDT Master)
@neave – Paul Neave
@NeoRiley – John Grden
@peterelst – Peter Elst
@phillip – Phillip Kerman
@Pucknell – Shawn Pucknell (FITC)
@Quasimondo – Mario Klingemann
@rblank9 – R Blank (Rich Media Institute)
@richtretola – Rich Tretola (EverythingFlex)
@robpenner – Robert Penner
@scalenine – Juan Sanchez
@scottjanousek – Scott Janousek – private
@sebleedelisle – Seb Lee-Delisle (Papervision3D)
@stevensacks – Steven Sacks
@TheFlashBum – Jesse Freeman
@thenewstuff – OneZeroThrice (ARtisan)
@tmtek – Tony MacDonell (Teknision)
@UnitZeroOne – Ralph Hauwert (Core Developer for Papervision3D)
@waxpraxis – Branden Hall
@webr3 – Nathan

(names in list added after original posting)

@BugQuash – BugQuash (Seattle based Flex SDK bug fix event)
@jnbeck – Nate Beck (@BugQuash)
@johnlindquist – John Lindquist (
@bartekd – Bartek Drozdz
@Michael_Plank – Michael Plank (FDT Master)
@cg219 – Clemente G
@BK4D – Ben Kanizay
@sjespers – Serge Jespers (Platform Evangelist)
@ashorten – Andrew Shorten (Platform Evangelist)
@UnitZeroOne – Ralph Hauwert (Core Developer for Papervision3D)
@drwoohoo – Dr. Woohoo!
@lisamarienyc – Lisa Larson-Kelley
@fwa – Rob Ford (Flash Website Awards)
@gregorywilson – Greg Wilson (Enterprise Platform Evangelist)
@tomkrcha – Tom Krcha (Platform Evangelist)
@insideria – InsideRIA
@C4RL05 – Carlos Ulloa (Papervision3D)
@webr3 – Nathan
@thenewstuff – OneZeroThrice (ARtisan)

Update part 2:
I didn’t add all of the suggested names – there’s too many great people (~150+ suggestions). I filtered for “signal to noise” and relevance to SilvaFUG users.

I highly recommend that you take the time to make personalized lists for your UGs and friends. They’ll appreciate it =)