Flash / Flex Projects

2000 - 2011

For just over a decade, I was a Flash designer / developer. I created a few dozen projects including games, media players, demos, and websites. Here are the more recent highlights.

nfl.com, NFL Studios

• Real-time data visuals
• Scoreboard, drive chart, score strip
• Media players w/ Akamai live streams
• DoubleClick video ads


• YCombinator start-up (W '08)
• Product manager, designer, developer
• Website, mixtape creator and player

Café World, Zynga

• Over 6.5M DAU in the first week
• UI development, UI to game engine interaction

Mog Dynamic Music Player

• Custom music player and content manager
• Various 3rd-party music sources
• First player with "artist only" to "similar artists" slider

Honda Environmentology

• Campaign promo
• Built in 3 days using motion presets
• Went live next day

OneAdobe Prototype

• Flex-based CRM prototype
• Mobile interface, interactive heat map, charts