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Introducing Colourform: the new widget pack for HD Widgets

At long last, we're very happy to announce the release of Colourform for HD Widgets.

Colourform features over 50 colorful new Jellybean / 4.2 style widgets for Android phones and tablets. This light-weight pack (only 2MB) focuses on a simpler, more minimal, flat UI design while allowing more flexibility and customization than ever before.


Everything is colorable: icons, text, separators, background… you can even color each part of the clock! Backgrounds are layered with settings for color, opacity, tiles, and textures - or just do no background at all.

New to Colourform are Indicators: simple UI displays next to your clock for monitoring common stats like battery, weather, calendar, clock, and even unique weather stats like chance of rain, sunrise/sunset, and humidity.

Colourform now features more than 50 Quick Settings (formerly called switches) including new weather stats and device storage. Our new Quick Settings are very similar to those introduced in Android 4.2, featuring advanced dynamic icons like WIFI signal strength & network name, battery level & charge, and even an analog clock.

Design-wise we wanted Colourform to be in line with what's happening now in Android. A lot of switches have been demoted to indicators in the sdk, and many others are now easily accessible from the notifications panel. Our recent battery & weather notification widgets also reduce the need for displaying those stats on your home screen.

I also really wanted to focus on strong single-row widgets. Prior to 2012, two-row widget were really common thanks to HTC's iconic clock widget. But projects like mycolorscreen have really highlighted a need and desire for better design taking up less room and with less clutter. I still enjoy my Glass Gems designs, but glossy glass and flipclock details use up a lot of space. So this time I wanted cleaner layouts with a smaller footprint.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't share with you Colourform by Higher Intelligence Agency, the inspiration for the theme's name:

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