October 26, 2008

Flash Player – version number pattern has changed

Emmy Huang writes:

This new numbering system allows us to move towards more meaningful release numbering where the first, second and third digits actually mean Major, Minor, Bugfix. For example, the next bugfix or security release should jump up and use the series 10.0.20/10.0.21/10.0.22, and we can use “10.1” (e.g. 10.1.30/10.1.31/10.1.32) when we do a feature-bearing dot release instead of “Flash Player 10 Update 1.” Old detection kits will continue to work, but moving forward you could detect for minor releases for a specific feature more easily. And it’s not a tongue twister.

It’s such a small change, but a very welcome one – particularly since it addresses one of my key gripes in my recent post on Adobe.

One quick pointer, the old detection kits supplied by Adobe are still half-baked. They were created back in the day of Flash 4 and are still pushed by Adobe even now.

Basically, the code slices up the player number ( to figure out each value, but only reads the first two characters of the revision number. So was mistaken as (which played havoc for anyone trying to allow for H.264 or fullscreen video in player 9). This problem shouldn’t persist because of the numbering change, but I am seeing reports of  some sites that are having problems detecting player version 10, i.e. they may be seeing “1” instead of “10”.

Anyways, this is a welcomed update. Should make things easer to explain to clients and non-dev (i.e. normal) people. ^_^

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